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Motor Forged Gate Valves

Product Description

Since pressure tight seal gate valves, suitable for high temperature and high pressure conditions, due to the medium temperature is not stable, may cause a certain temperature, ram prone to clamping phenomenon, whole forging valve stem head high tensile strength, when the gate lock increase tension fracture, won't make the valve stem head gate into the body not functioning of consequences.

Product Structure Characteristics

1.Full size or reduced size

2. pressure seal cover

3, bright rod with support

4, both ends of the automatic adjustment of packing pressure sleeve;

5. The body is inverted sealed

6. Integral valve body flange

7.Ring connection valve body bonnet gasket

8. Bolted bonnet, threaded sealed bonnet, welded bonnet, or self-sealing bonnet with wound gasket


1. The valve packing is a combination of flexible graphite, braided graphite and intermediate packing sleeve, which has good sealing performance and certain strength to ensure that the valve has no leakage and meets the requirements of environmental protection.

2. The connection between the valve body and the valve cover adopts pressure self-sealing structure, wedge shaped sealing ring with groove (mild steel or stainless steel) and four-open ring combination

3. The corresponding parts of the valve body are surfacing hard and tight, forcing the sealing ring to deform under high pressure to achieve reliable sealing. The higher the pressure, the more reliable the sealing.

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